Husky 400 Series - Specialty Products

Husky Part # 400 – Bacterial Digestant/Deodorant

Fast-acting drain maintainer contains live non-pathogenic bacteria that digest grease and other organic waste to keep drains flowing and smelling fresh. Other products offer temporary solutions while this formula digests organic waste that causes clogged or slow drains.  Organic waste is converted to Carbon dioxide and water, and removed forever.

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HUSKY 400 12/32Husky 400 Bacterial Digestant/Deodorant 12/32 oz12/32 oz.$60.40
husky husky-400 husky-series-400
HUSKY 400 4/1Husky 400 Bacterial Digestant/Deodorant 4/1 Gallon4/1 Gallon$71.30
husky husky-400 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 401 – Uric Acid Eradicator

Fast-acting odor eliminator contains live non-pathogenic bacteria that attack uric acid and organic soil odors in the restroom and other commercial areas.  This non-acid, non-caustic product is ideally used for commercial restroom cleaning or healthcare facility maintenance.

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HUSKY 401 12/32Husky 401 Uric Acid Eradicator 12/32 oz12/32 oz.$62.75
husky husky-401 husky-series-400
HUSKY 401 4/1Husky 401 Uric Acid Eradicator 4/1 Gallon4/1 Gallon$73.05
husky husky-401 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 402 – Bio-Enzymatic Drain Opener

A bio-enzymatic, non-caustic drain opener designed to lubricate and break down organic drain blockages and build-ups. A user-friendly formula that rapidly penetrates clogged drains, grease traps, sump and septic tanks. Husky 402 is an effective alternative to traditional acid and caustic drain openers.

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HUSKY 402 12/16Husky 402 Bio-Enzymatic Drain Opener 12/16 oz12/16 oz.$50.45
husky husky-402 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 403 – Professional Strength Drain Opener

Fast-acting, chlorinated drain opener and cleaner pierces through standing water to quickly open the toughest of clogged drains. Safe to use on standard and plastic pipe in septic system and in garbage disposals. Formulated for use on institutional grade equipment and drains.

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HUSKY 403 12/32Husky 403 Professional Strength Drain Opener 12/32 oz12/32 oz.$66.80
husky husky-403 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 404 – Floor Cleaner with Enzymes

Concentrated enzyme-fortified cleaner and degreaser. Attacks and eliminates grease and other contaminants to achieve a cleaner and safer floor surface. The enzymes in Husky 404 penetrate deep into porous surfaces and grout lines to attack a wide range of embedded soils grease and sugar based stains. Husky 404 also controls odors by breaking down odor causing organics.

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HUSKY 404 4/1Husky 404 Floor Cleaner With Enzymes 4/1 Gallon4/1 Gallon$78.95
husky husky-404 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 410 – Quarry Tile Renovator

Foaming, mild acid bathroom cleaner quickly dissolves lime, soap films, grease, and mineral deposits. Dilute to clean a variety of surfaces in the restroom including tile, toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, showers, and more.

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HUSKY 410 12/32Husky 410 Quarry Tile Renovator 12/32 oz12/32 oz.$55.95
husky husky-410 husky-series-400
HUSKY 410 4/1Husky 410 Quarry Tile Renovator 4/1 Gallon4/1 Gallon$65.55
husky husky-410 husky-series-400

Foaming acid based disinfectant cleaner that actively disinfects while effectively removing organic deposits, soap scum, urinary salts, hard water buildup, lime and tough rust stains on common restroom surfaces. Can be used to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. EPA-registered as a Broad Spectrum Disinfectant cleaning product.

Husky Part # 416 – Mildew Stain Remover

Ready-to-use spray cleaner combines powerful cleaning action with a stain remover to clean and brighten even the most difficult mold stains and mildew stains.  Use anywhere mold and mildew stains are present including tile, grout, shower doors, vinyl shower curtains, counters and sinks.  Leaves surfaces clean, bright, and smelling fresh.

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HUSKY 416 12/32Husky 416 Mildew Stain Remover 12/32 Ounce Bottles12/32 oz$50.25
husky husky-416 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 418 – Mold Control

EPA Registered solution that eliminates and stops molds without any harmful chemicals. The colorless, odorless solution is used for mold clean-up and prevention, disaster restoration, and pre-treatment of building materials. It dries to form an invisible antimicrobial shield that encapsulates and physically crushes mold spores. The anti-microbial barrier remains on surfaces to provide continued protection against further mold growth. Can be used n virtually all surfaces including wallboard, wood, plaster, metal, tile, grout, upholstery and fabric.

In California, only available under private label.

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HUSKY 418 6/32Husky 418 Mold Control – 6/32 Ounce Bottles6-32 ounce bottles$63.75
check-mate-system husky husky-418 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 420 – Glass, Plastic and Screen Cleaner - RTU

Ready-to-use, streak-free, non-fogging, glass cleaner that may be utilized on residential and commercial building windows, car windows, Lexan, Lucite, and Plexiglass surfaces, computer and television screens and other surfaces not harmed by water. Registered with the NSF Non-Food Compounds Program – A1, C1, C2.

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HUSKY 420 12/32Husky 420 Glass, Plastic and Screen Cleaner – RTU 12/32 oz12/32 oz.$41.40
husky husky-420 husky-series-400
HUSKY 420 4/1Husky 420 Glass, Plastic and Screen Cleaner – RTU 4/1 Gallon4/1 Gallon$47.40
husky husky-420 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 421 – Glass, Plastic and Screen Cleaner - Concentrate

Concentrated, streak-free, non-fogging, glass cleaner that may be utilized on home windows, commercial building windows, car windows, Lexan, Lucite, and Plexiglass surfaces, as well as computer and television screens. Registered with the NSF Non-Food Compounds Program – A1, C1, C2. NSF

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HUSKY 421 4/1Husky 421 Glass, Plastic and Screen Cleaner – Concentrate 4/1 Gallon4/1 Gallon$75.00
husky husky-421 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 430 – Creme Cleaner

Mild, abrasive cleaner easily removes stubborn stains, rust, grease, soap scum, and rubber heel marks. Effectively cleans a variety of surfaces in the restroom and food service areas. Leaves behind a pleasant mint scent. Safe to use on porcelain, ceramic, and stainless steel surfaces. Micro-grit polishes as it cleans. Registered with the NSF Non-Food Compounds Program – A6.

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HUSKY 430 12/32Husky 430 Crème Cleaner 12/32 oz12/32 oz.$53.65
husky husky-430 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 435 – Foaming Pot & Pan Dishwashing Liquid

Highly concentrated, high foaming manual dishwashing liquid detergent.  Effectively cuts through greases, oils, baked-on foods, and food stains from dishes, pots and pans.  Rinses freely leaving no streaks or film.

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HUSKY 435 4/1Husky 435 Foaming Pot & Pan Dishwashing Liquid 4/1 Gallon4/1 Gallon$70.60
husky husky-435 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 440 – Soft Lotion Hand Dishwashing Concentrate

Highly concentrated, moderate-sudsing manual dishwashing liquid detergent effectively cuts greases, oils, baked-on foods, and food stains cleans from dishes, pots and pans and rinses freely.  Enhanced with Aloe Vera, this neutral-pH dishwashing soap is gentle on hands. For extremely greasy conditions, dilute 2 oz. per gallon of hot water.

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HUSKY 440 4/1Husky 440 Soft Lotion Hand Dishwashing Concentrate 4/1 Gallon4/1 Gallon$79.50
husky husky-440 husky-series-400
HUSKY 440 6/32Husky 440 Soft Lotion Hand Dishwashing Concentrate 8/32 oz6/32 oz.$52.25
husky husky-440 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 445 – Fleetwash & Pressure Sprayer Concentrate

Formulated for heavy-duty vehicle cleaning and other maintenance tasks.  Easily cuts grease, oils, road film, and bugs without streaking or leaving filmy residue.  May be used with a broad range of fleet maintenance programs including manual, power washing, and automatic equipment.

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HUSKY 445 5Husky 445 Fleetwash & Pressure Sprayer – Concentrate 5 Gallon5 Gallon$70.00
husky husky-445 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 470 – Oven & Grill Cleaner

High foaming cleaner quickly penetrates and liquefies baked on food, grease, and carbon deposits from commercial ovens, grills, fryer baskets, and other kitchen equipment.

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HUSKY 470 12/32Husky 470 Oven & Grill Cleaner 12/32 oz12/32 oz.$59.60
husky husky-470 husky-series-400
HUSKY 470 4/1Husky 470 Oven & Grill Cleaner 4/1 Gallon4/1 Gallon$68.55
husky husky-470 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 480 – Liquid Furniture Polish

Water-based liquid polish that dusts and cleans in one easy application.  Removes finger marks and smudges from a wide variety of surfaces while leaving a pleasant lemon fragrance and a hard, dust-free shine.

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HUSKY 480 12/32Husky 480 Liquid Furniture Polish 12/32 oz12/32 oz.$56.15
husky husky-480 husky-series-400

Husky Part # 481 – Liquid Stainless Steel Cleaner/Polish

Water-based polish that cleans, polishes, and protects stainless steel and a wide varety of surfaces without leaving an oily residue.  Provides a protective coating that will resist fingerprints, grease and water spots.  May be used for non-food contact surfaces in facilities operating under the Federal Meat and Poultry Products Inspection Program.

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HUSKY 481 12/32Husky 481 Liquid Stainless Steel Cleaner/Polish 12/32 oz12/32 oz.$109.35
husky husky-481 husky-series-400