500 Series - Personal Hygiene Program

Husky Part # 500 – Lotion Hand Cleaner

Economical lotion hand cleaner formulated to produce a powerful, yet mild lather. Provides effective cleaning and rinses clean leaving hands feeling soft and fresh.  This opaque pink, cherry fragranced cleaner is ideal for those requiring multiple hand washings throughout the day.

Part NumberNameUomPriceBuyhf:categories
HUSKY 500 4/1Husky 500 Lotion Hand Cleaner 4/1 Gallon4/1 Gallon$65.80
husky husky-500 husky-series-500

Husky Part # 501 – Premium Hair, Hand & Body Wash

Premium, pearlized wash that is gentle, yet effective on skin and hair. This quick sudsing, clean rinsing soap is ideal for shower room applications. It has a white pearlized appearance and a pleasing fresh fragrance.

Part NumberNameUomPriceBuyhf:categories
HUSKY 501 12/8Husky 501 Premium Hair, Hand & Body Wash 4/1 Gal12/8 oz.$81.20
husky husky-501 husky-series-500
HUSKY 501 24/4Husky 501 Premium Hair, Hand & Body Wash 55 Gallon24/4 oz.$1,024.00
husky husky-501 husky-series-500

Husky Part # 515 – Instant Hand Sanitizer - Gel Type

An alcohol-based skin sanitizer that helps prevent the spread of germs. Powered with 62% Ethyl Alcohol, this gel cleaner is effective against 99.9% of common germs within 15 seconds, as well as other pathogenic organisms. No water source is necessary with this product, it simply evaporates from the surface of the skin. Left behind after evaporation are a combination of effective skin conditioning emollients that leave hands feeling fresh and clean. 

Part NumberNameUomPriceBuyhf:categories
HUSKY 515Husky 515 Instant Hand Sanitizer – Gel Type ClearPer Case$64.80$104.50
husky husky-515 husky-series-500

Husky Part # 570 – Foaming Premium Hand Wash

A premium foaming hand wash formulated to provide gentle hand cleaning for professionals, employees, care givers and guests. This mild, pleasantly scented hand cleanser contains natural skin enrichment conditioners that leave hands beautifully clean and silky smooth, even after multiple hand washings. The rich foam quickly cleans away soils. 

Part NumberNameUomPriceBuyhf:categories
HUSKY 570 4/1Husky 570 Foaming Premium Hand Wash 4/1 Gallon4/1 Gallon$61.90
husky husky-570 husky-series-500